Jerry Jiang

Discord; University of Waterloo
2048 for Android
1000000+ downloads, 4.4 stars, 0 ads.
Youtube Downloader
Not just youtube, if you know the secret password.
Now you see me, now you don't!
Go to /board for the spymaster.
Link Shortener
Making long links, uh, still pretty long.
Text To Email
Text " Hello World!" to 604-239-3233.
VIP without Flash
Long live HTML5!
Tetris with an actual settings menu... and a J.
Email Generator
Referrals, get your referrals here!
Imgur for everything.
KoL Wiki Refresher
Random page button was too small...
Temporary Messages
Now you see it, now you don't! Redirecter
Type less characters and more slang!
See my GitHub for more information.